Our Wines of the 2011 Vintage

Balance is the main attribute of our 2011 vintage, with all characteristics combining harmoniously. Prominent, but perfectly integrated acidity, powerful extract without over concentration, and a very fine nose with a noble finish.

With our conditions (a very cool cellar and spontaneous fermentation), the fermentation process occurred quickly and the wines are already showing quite a presence. As with previous years, these wines benefit from aeration – open them early or decant.

This year’s growing season was the antithesis of the 2011 wines – marked by extremes. After a very cold winter and a wet spring, an early summer with a dry April and May followed. The rest of summer was characterized by a mild and humid climate, with some extreme rainfalls up until September 10th. Although we were lucky to be spared from the “hailstorm of the Century” on August 26th, hailstones of nearly 700g fell only 1km from the winery, creating much work for the roofers in the Mosel.

Then came the final stretch from September 11th to the first week of November with lovely autumn weather for ripening – sunny, warm days and cool, dry night – creating the possibility for a comfortable and timely harvest. The result was a vintage with very healthy grapes and perfect must weights between 92º and 98º Oechsle.

White Wines

2011 C.A.I. Riesling

Dry, boldly elegant, well-structured estate Riesling from the Steeps – long, creamy, sophisticated.

2011 Escheburg Riesling

A very fine, fully fermented blend from the best of Enkirch: very elegant and powerful with clear influence from the older, ungrafted wines.

Premium Rieslings

The product of the best plots from our 1st class location in Enkirch. Exclusively ungrafted wines at least 60 years old, with a maximum yield of 30hl/ha, these are a selection of the top barrels. Recommended for decanting.

2011 Steffensberg Riesling

Dry, powerful, expressive – a wild Riesling reflective of its red slate floor location.

2011 Batterieberg Riesling

Dry, very elegant, with a lasting finish; give this wine time to display its full potential.

2011 Ellergrub Riesling

Like its predecessor, this wine tops the category of subtle elegance – silky, fine, suspenseful and noble.

2011 Zeppwingert Riesling

Expressive, strong and powerful, couples with a soft, delicate, and tangy sweetness that characterizes this great classic Mosel.

Red and Sparkling

2010 Pinot Noir

A fine slate Pinot Noir, elegant, firm and fresh, with long aging potential and powerful tannins. Air for a time before tasting.

2008 Sparkling Riesling Extra Brut

Classic champagne from top vineyards combining elegance and maturity, with very fine mousse. Especially recommended for lovers of mature champagne. Zero dosage.

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