Mosel of the Month – Enkircher Ellergrub

Bericht via von Jean Fisch and David Rayer.

2009 Enkircher Ellergrub, 92+ Pt.

This offers the most wonderful nose of white peach, white flowers and a delicate touch of fresh herbs. The wine is remarkably elegant and playful on the palate, with great finesse and length. The aromatic purity is remarkable and intriguing at the same time, and this makes it so fascinating to drink. This is a beauty which could ultimately gain further from bottling. It is that good. 2012-2019.

2009 marked the rebirth of one of the historic Estates of the Middle Mosel, the Immich-Batterieberg in Enkirch. The Estate had gone through some rough times after its owner went bankrupt and it is only at the end of 2008 that things took a turn for the better. It was acquired by two wealthy German families, who appointed Gernot Kollmann as Estate Manager. He had already made a name for himself at the Van Volxem and Knebel Estate.

The Estate is now focusing on dry-tasting Riesling and 2009 proved a remarkable success with a stunning collection at all levels (see our Issue No 13 of October 2010 for further information). We were particularly impressed by the Enkircher Ellergrub.