Mosel Fines Wines – 2009 “10 Years After” Retrospective

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The off-dry wines (a Mosel specialty) fared particularly well in this vintage. The big and slightly ripe structure of the 2009 vintage suited the off -dry Riesling style perfectly. The little residual sugar allowed growers to reduce the alcoholic strength. The residual sugar also allowed them to use fresher and racier grapes (with more acidity). Some of th e finest producers of the genre used the opportunity to produce some truly remarkable wines. This includes Reinhold Haart, Geltz -Zilliken and above all Immich-Batterieberg. 2009 was the first vintage after the Estate’s relaunch with Gernot Kollmann at its helm and the result has been magical. Both the Ellergrub and the Batterieberg are shining examples of delicately off-dry (some call this dry-tasting) Riesling.

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