31.8./1.9.2012, presentation of the 2011 vintage

Presentation of the 2011 vintage

31.8./1.9.2012, special guest: Johannes Strate (Bandleader Revolverheld)

This weekend was dedicated to pure enjoyment: it started with a five course gourmet dinner presented by star decorated chef Hubert Schmid of Schloss Monaise in Trier. The different courses were accompanied with our Riesling wines and Pinot Noirs by Henrik Möbitz, a winemaker and friend from Baden-Württemberg. The tasting of these magnificent wines started at 10 am on Saturday. Again Gernot of Batterieberg and Henrik Möbitz took their time to explain the true story about every bottle opened. The whole day had been accompanied with special presentations focusing on other fine foods like herbs, chocolate and the secret of making sausages on your own. In the evening a “Gunfighter” (Revolverheld) got on our backyard stage: Johannes Strate, lead singer of the German Band, Revolverheld. It was a private concert offering a living room atmosphere. Some early guests and neighbours were able to enjoy the soundcheck in the afternoon and could already imagine what the evening would offer: great songs like “Es tut mir weh,  dich so zu sehen”, “Guten Morgen Anna” or the ballad “An Rosalinde” he performed in the middle of the audience. After the concert, Johannes signed plenty of wine bottles and enjoyed the rest of the evening with Batterieberg Riesling.